Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Only Way America Will Understand

In the Old Testament, the prophet Samuel establishes the first monarchy in Israel much to his own apprehension. He felt that the only authority the people needed was God and that giving man that kind of authority would lead to corruption. He was right. The first king was Saul and followed by David. After David most of the Kings did evil in God's eyes and the result was being enslaved in Babylon.

So why would Samuel grant them a King when he had an idea what would happen? It was because God spoke to him and said that if they want a king, give them a king. That makes you wonder why would God do that? He had to know what would happen. My belief is that because God gave us free will and therefore we need to be held accountable for our actions. God knew the corruption that would come and being enslaved in Babylon was the only way for the people to realize that they had to follow God and not man. Only when they realized that did God set them free.

Now here we are in 2013 and we have a president whose ideals challenge the Constitution more than any president in history. He proclaimed that we are not a Christian nation when the whole ideology of our nation came from biblical ideals. Unfortunately, there are far too many good and moral people who have allowed the liberally biased media to brainwash them.

They think that Obama can do no wrong and that his failures are the Republicans fault for blocking him. I know my view on that but it won't matter because in 2016 the brainwashed masses will continue to point the fingers at the conservatives if they continue to block Obama's ideas.

That takes me back to Samuel. There was only one way then for the people to learn the danger of having a king. Here we are in that situation again. There is only one way for the people to understand that Obama's ideas are bad.

This pains me to say but like God had to make his people live with their choices, we have to do the same. Like it or not, the people chose Obama and so they have to live with that choice. The only way for them to see that it was a bad choice is for his ideas to be implemented. Then when everybody is broke, they might realize that conservative ideology might not be so bad.

Otherwise, we will end up with Hillary Clinton. That thought scares me.

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