Monday, February 18, 2013

Why America Needs Dr. Benjamin Carson in 2016

Recently, Dr. Benjamin Carson spoke at the national prayer breakfast and gave one of the most moving speeches. It was so moving that it began with Mr. Obama in smiles but it quickly became a very uncomfortable 25 minutes for him. Those who watched could tell in his facial expressions.

It started with biblical verses and he immediately transitioned into how he thought that political correctness is a horrible thing because it keeps people from discussing important issues. People are way too concerned with offending somebody so they don't discuss the tough issues. When I heard that, I immediately thought this is a man that I can follow. He spoke what was on his mind and didn't worry about offending anybody. We need leaders like that.

Carson also spoke about how the morality of this country is deteriorating and education has been dumbed down so much that college students could not pass an exit exam that was once required by sixth graders.

I liked his idea about health care in which a person would be able to get an HSA account at birth until death and then they can pass it on. He touched on the point that that way people would be able choose their own doctor still rather than put the money into the federal government. Obama did not look happy at all at this part.

As moving as the rest of the speech was his point on the deficit and taxes was just awesome. He said that if we started counting one number per second that it would take over 500 years to reach the deficit. He then said that his role model is Jesus and said he couldn't figure out why the politicians feel they have to outsmart God. God's system works. That is the tithe meaning everybody pays 10%. It doesn't say that you don't owe anything if your crops are failing or you owe triple if your crops are prospering.  That means that if you have $10 billion you pay $1 billion and if you have $10 you pay $1.

Then Carson stated that the mindset against this system is that it doesn't hurt the guy who paid the billion as mush as it does the guy who paid the dollar. But he countered it with why do they feel they need to hurt somebody who just put a billion in the pool. Carson correctly asserts that it is that kind of thinking that has led to 602 of banks in the Caymen Islands and we need that money back here.

Everything he said just made so much sense. I was moved at the fact that he didn't let the fact that Obama was two chairs away from him and he still went off. One final thing that stood out was how Obama never applauded anything when the others did. That showed how uncomfortable the president was.

He closed the speech with a message to Obama that they symbol of America is the bald eagle and it is able to fly because it has both a left and a right wing. If you haven't seen this speech yet, please check it out and pray this man runs for president in 2016.