Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson Shows at CPAC Why The GOP Needs Him in 2016

Dr. Benjamin Carson went from relative obscurity to the national spotlight with his moving speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. His speech got so much attention that he was invited to speak at the CPAC this year where he delivered another powerful speech.

Carson started out by talking about common sense and how everybody needs to apply it. He also mentioned how he received nasty letters because he was a black man who critiqued the president. He asked,"When did we reach a point where the color of my skin meant how I had to believe politically?" He was also asked why he never talked about race and his reply was "because I am a neurosurgeon." That statement right there shows that he is not trying to use his race as an excuse to be a victim.

He also reiterated about how his mother always made sure he did his homework. They were poor but his mom did not allow that to be an excuse. Then he got into how too many people have not been involved in the government. They know football scores and Dancing With The Stars but they don't know what is happening in government. He stated that voting is done based on name recognition rather than issues. The approval rating for the legislators is 9% but they get reelected at a 90% rate. The country was supposed to be for the people and by the people and that if we turn it over to the government than we can't complain.

One controversial part of his speech was how he stated what he would do if he wanted to destroy the nation. First, he would divide the people because as Jesus once said,"a house divided cannot stand." Second, he would encourage a culture of ridicule for morality and values that made this country great. Then, I would drive the country so far into debt that it could not recover and weaken the military and destroy their morale. Carson concluded that it is too coincidental that that is happening now and it is exactly how all pinnacle nations have fallen.

Later Carson spoke about the roots of Socialism and how it was a reaction to America. You had guys like Ford and Rockefellor with all this money and many people have nothing. European countries felt that it can't work like that because the government needs to redistribute the money so it is fair. He asked if he have heard that before. What those countries failed to realize it was those wealthy private citizens and not the government who built things such as the Transcontinental Railroad that built our society. It was through their generosity that nobody went hungry because the wealthy was able to give enough to the churches.

That is why you give tax deductions to churches because they do help. Carson stated that 40 of the wealthiest families in America agreed to give half their wealth to charities. Where else in the world does that happen?

Then he reiterated his stance that the tax system should be based on God's idea of proportionality or 10%. If you have $10 Billion you pay $1 Billion. If you have $10 you pay $1. So one guy paid a billion times more but they got the same benefits. What is more fair than that?

Carson then stated that what is not fair is exempting a group that has less. He finds it insulting because he grew up poor and saw it as a way for the elite to keep them down and stay down.

Next, he got into health care. He mentioned his idea of a health savings accounts that could be passed down. His plan is in the book America The Beautiful.

He closed in saying that corporations should be treated as friends that create opportunities and not villains. He also said that he need to resist the war on Jesus. It is sad that in a country based on religious freedom it has become offensive to publicly acknowledge Jesus if you believe in him.

Carson is a guy that just makes way too much sense for the GOP to not use him as the next presidential candidate. Being that he is a black man who came from a poor background, it really sticks it to the left and the perception they gave created for the right in which we are nothing but a bunch of rich white guys born with silver spoons.