Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to Defeat Radical Islam Without Having To Go To War Again

One of the key issues going into the 2016 presidential election will be how to deal with Radical Islam. Looking at all the GOP candidates, I am not sure Rand Paul would be my first choice but he really has the best ideas on how to deal with Radical Islam. He has stated that we should cut off all aid to countries that hate us and let them fight their own wars. I couldn't agree more. One of the biggest fears people have is going to another war, but the thing of it is is that there are many things we can do to deal with this without ever going into another war.

1. Acknowledge that it is a real threat

In spite of radical's own words that their desire is to establish Sharia Law all over the world, there are many in America who refuse to acknowledge that this is a serious threat. Jihadists believe that once the whole world is under Sharia Law it will bring the 12th Imam. Honestly, I think part of it is that people like to talk themselves out of calling this a threat because they really don't want another war. But that is a dangerous course. The first part of solving any problem is admitting we have one and this is no different.

2. Stop being Politically Correct

We unfortunately live in a society that is so consumed with political correctness that we allow it to interfer with truth. It is at it's worse when dealing with Muslims. I knew it was a Muslim the minute the bomb went off at the Boston Marathon. Yet I was called racist for jumping to that conclusion. The President won't even call it Radical Islam. Stop being afraid to say that this group is a danger and is one to watch.

3. Monitor Muslims more closely than others

The Patriot Act is one of the more controversial pieces of legislation ever passed. On one hand, it is a violation of Constitutional rights but at the same time we need to protect those rights from those who desire to take them away. Although my Libertarian friends will disagree, I don't feel that the Constitution should apply to those who want to destroy it. That is not all but many Muslims. As much as I want to understand the Libertarian point of view here, I just can't see how wanting to protect the Constitution from those who want to take away our way of life is somehow a threat to it.

4. Let them destroy each other

Although ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, etc. all want the same thing (Sharia Law all over the world), they all don't like each other. That is something most people don't even realize. All these radical groups believe that worldwide Sharia Law will bring about the 12th Imam. To them that is their savior. But the thing of it is, all these groups want their group to be the one to do it. So they will destroy each other in order to make sure it is them. So this may sound cold, but let them do it. It will make our job easier in the long run.

5. Protect our borders

This is critical to making absolute sure that America doesn't allow any more radicals into our country. It is real simple strengthen national defense and build some bigger fences.

6. Start construction of the Keystone Pipeline

Most Americans don't even realize that every time we fill up our vehicles, we are actually funding terrorism. That is how dependent we are on oil from the Middle East. A few months ago Congress proposed legislation that would have got the Keystone Pipeline started but Obama stupidly vetoed it. The construction of this would make us much more dependent on our own oil so we wouldn't have to pay for terrorists every time we come home from work.

7. End all trade with them

Paul stated that we should stop providing aid to countries who want to destroy us. I will go a step further and say lets cut all ties with them. I am quite certain our nation can survive without their resources. The U.S. should stop all trading with them and especially stop providing them with weapons.

Those are just a few things we can do without having to go to war again.