Friday, July 5, 2013

Can The Libertarians Save and Restore America?

I always love the 4th of July. It is a day to celebrate this great nation and to honor those who have served and protected it. It felt different this year though. With all the negative like Benghazi, IRS, and Obamacare being rammed down our throats, it is almost like celebrating what this country used to be. That is before we even mention the fact that the debt is continuing to grow by the trillions.

That makes me wonder if our nation can ever be great again. I am reminded of a speech I heard a couple of months back by a member of the Libertarian Party. Libertarians believe in freedom across the board. The Democrats believe that people should have freedom to marry who they want and get an abortion but want to limit freedoms for business. The Republicans on the other hand want freedoms for businesses but are not in favor of abortion or non-traditional marriage. The Libertarians believe that either you value freedom or you don't. You can't give one freedom and not the other.

I agree with that to a point. I personally feel that government should stay out of the marriage issue altogether and let the church decide. I don't agree with abortion because you are then taking away freedoms from an unborn who will never have that freedom.

Where I really agree with the Libertarians is their stance on small government. The speaker said, "If it moves privatize it and if it doesn't move privatize it." I think that is a great idea. The more that is privately owned the less government there is. The smaller the government the less spending.

They believe in government respecting and valuing people's freedoms. One thing the speaker said that really stood out was that freedom doesn't necessarily make us safer. Therefore, societies have to decide what is more valuable to them, freedom or safety.

My take on that whole idea is this. I think that with more freedom comes responsibility of the citizens. If you want the freedom to own a gun then you need to responsible with it. When people become less responsible with their freedoms, the government kind of has to do something.

When the country first started people were responsible with their freedoms and that is why it worked. This is where the Libertarians may disagree but I believe that the reason people were responsible with their freedoms is because they believed in and were obedient to God. I love the ideas of more freedom by the Libertarians. But the ironic thing is that they are a non-religious party and true freedom comes from obedience to God.

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