Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Where Did Santa Claus Come From?

Christmas has been the most popular holiday in America ever since it gained it's independence from England. That makes sense being that it was a country that was founded on Christian values. They had escaped religious persecution and formed the colonies before ultimately becoming the United States. Therefore, it is only natural that celebrating the birthday of Jesus would done in a big way in this country.

Christmas marks the day where God became flesh threw his son Jesus. He was born from a virgin meaning that he was from God was the only possible explanation. It was not until about three years ago that I realized just what Christmas really is. It is a birthday party. That is the reason for the gifts.

Since I have been saved, I often wonder "where did Santa Claus come from?" "What does a man in a red suit getting pulled in a sleigh through the air by reindeer have anything to do with the birth of Jesus?"

Nobody knows for sure where the concept of Santa Claus comes from other than it started in Europe around the 4th century. He has had other names such as Chris Cringle and Saint Nicholas which kind of gives him biblical implications.

I look at the concept of Santa Claus and can't help but think that the character was based solely on Jesus. Santa gives gifts and Jesus was known for his gifts and miracles. Jesus ascended to the sky after his resurrection and Santa ascends from the sky going through chimneys.

Both know when you are sleeping and when you are awake. Both know if you have been bad or good. Both believe that you get good gifts if you be good.

Santa has his helpers, elves, which probably symbolize the angels who help Jesus. He lives at the North Pole which probably symbolizes that Jesus comes from above. The red suit could symbolize the red blood Jesus was covered in.

The connections there are fascinating and while the concept of this fictional character are about the same concepts Jesus wants from all of is, I can't help but wonder if the creation of Santa Claus is a form of idolatry. That is clearly defined as worshiping something or someone more than God. The fact is that kids get on Santa's laps at shopping centers all over the country. They tell Santa what they want for Christmas rather than ask Jesus for it in prayer. That makes me question whether or not it is idolatry or not.

I am sure Santa Claus is fine to celebrate as long as we know that he is a fictional character and we know who the real reason for the season is.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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