Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Public Schools Have Become

A week after the horrific shooting that killed 26 people that were mostly children at Sandy Hook Elementary, it is always hard to look back and reflect how this could possibly happen. There is no doubt that what happened in Connecticut was the work of the devil.

The liberals have used this tragedy as a vice for pushing their gun control agenda. My stance on that is what it always has been. A law abiding citizen would not do this whether he had a gun or not. But those who would know how to get a gun legally or illegally, so that would stop nothing.

I see this as if anything good can came out of this, it is maybe we can take a look at how public schools are really becoming a place for the devil to spread his influence. The sad part is is that teachers with good intentions are playing enabling it.

We don't need any new laws to stop this from happening again. How about we teach one we have already had since the Old Testament, Thou Shall Not Kill. Mike Huckabee nailed it on Fox News when he said that we escorted God right out of the building and then wonder where he was to prevent this.

The problem I have goes beyond this shooting. Public schools have systematically removed Jesus from schools to a point where the Ten Commandments are now considered offensive. I don't get that because even an atheist knows that killing, lying, stealing, etc. are wrong. My question is that would it bother you if your kids followed them? I would hope not.

The mindset is that we have to be careful to include all faiths in schools including atheists and we don't want to offend anyone by pushing our beliefs. So we teach kids that it is okay to be a homosexual. Wait a second! Isn't that pushing beliefs? Christian families aren't taught that but nobody cares about offending them.

That is indirectly teaching kids to be democrats rather than allow them to make the choice for themselves. Teacher unions have increasingly become under democratic influence making the teaching biased. I used to be a teacher myself and recall Obama being rammed down my throat four years ago at a staff meeting. The leader was pushing being an "Obama Nation."

I also recall hearing a teacher tell students that Sarah Palin is a "dingbat" during a lesson. How is that not forcing beliefs on kids? I recall another lesson teaching the difference between democrats and republicans stating that the republicans only care about the rich which is a total lie.It never said anything about how the democrats love big government.

The fact is that Conservative ideals are definitely more Christian but liberal views are being pushed. Then we wonder why kids are growing up with no morals. I am not saying that this event could have been stopped by praying in school, but maybe just maybe we need to stop and take a look at the message educators are sending.

Then maybe we will have less incidents where the devil pushes his influence.

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