Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What The Tea Party Really Is

Shortly after Barack HUSSEIN Obama was elected president, the tea party formed. Unfortunately for them, much of their publicity is bad publicity. They are often portrayed as racists for criticizing a president who is not black and bigots for holding their strong Christian values our country was founded on.

The liberal media has chosen to divert the country from what the Tea Party really is. They are not democrat or republican. They are just a group regular people like you and me who are tired of the government continuing to raise taxes and increasing government which in turn has taken away more and more of the very idea that this country stands for. That is freedom.

The Tea Party has three very simple core values.

Fiscal Responsibility

This means not overspending and burdening the future generations with debt they didn't create. Unfortunately, our government continues to add taxes on us without exhausting other resources first.

Constitutionally Limited Government

This means that power resides with the people and not the government. Government should be done at the most local level first. It should only go to a higher level if it can't be resolved at the lower level. It is easier to hold government accountable if it is done at the lower levels first. The founding fathers believed that government power should be limited, enumerated and constrained by our constitution.

This is one core value that both democrats and republicans have violated. Every time government is added, freedom gets taken away. The fact is that while both parties are guilty of this, Mr. Obama has added over 400 agencies that we know of. That is just ridiculous.

Free Market Economics

This is a principle that made America an economic superpower. It is the idea of capitalism that allows people to come up with new businesses and innovative new ideas/inventions. It is an opportunity for those to create their own wealth. It also creates more job opportunities.

Unfortunately, the liberals have painted those who are the most successful with this as bad when success is something that should be celebrated. Government has gone out of it's way to restrict businesses creating more and more regulations and fees for business owners. Where I live, they actually have a cap on the number of permits that are allowed for businesses. That goes against the concept of free market in every way.

To sum it all up, the government continues to get bigger forcing them to create more spending. By doing so, they make it harder for businesses to prosper with added regulations. That has forced higher taxes. The end result is that we have higher taxes and less jobs. That doesn't work and that is what the Tea Party is saying.

Contrary to how they are portrayed, the tea party is exactly what this country was founded on. That is people coming together from all walks of life saying we have had enough of this corruption.

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