Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Obama Just Doesn't Get the Concept of the United States

Mr. Obama (I refuse to call him president) has stated before that the United States is not a Christian nation. For anybody who knows how this country was formed, that is offensive. The fact is that the Constitution and the formation of the United States were based off of the bible. Many of the ideas of the Legislative Branch came from the Book of Letiviticus.

The basic idea of the United States was that each state would have it's own independent government that could govern itself. Many of the powers such as education, health care, business,  and others were reserved to the states to resolve themselves. The three basic roles of the federal government was to be national defense, foreign policy, and foreign trade. That is very similar to how Moses divided up the tribes in the Books of Exodus all the way through Numbers. Moses wanted issues to be resolved at the lowest level first before going to him.

Anybody who understands this knows that Obama is doing horribly in the debates. Governor Romney, on the other hand, has said repeatedly that health care should be handled at the state level as well as education. That is why Obamacare will not work. Romneycare worked at the state level. When you handle it at the smallest level possible, that is less spending.

Romney has also stated repeatedly that we are a nation under God. That is stated in the pledge of allegiance which liberals have tried to take out of schools.

Obama has repeatedly made comments during the debates that undermines what the states can do. He clearly wants the federal government to control everything. Those are Marxist ideas. Whenever you add more government, that is a move closer to communism. Obama has added over 400 agencies. Not only is that a communist mindset, but it has created more federal spending. That is why the deficit has doubled.

The sad part is that we should have known better than to elect this guy. His willingness to kill babies goes against our inalienable or God given right to life given to us in the Declaration of Independence. That is also in the Ten Commandments, Thou shall not kill the innocent. If he will go against God, why would anyone think he would go against the Constitution which acknowledges a divine creator.

The voters really should have done their homework four years ago. They would have seen that whether he was legally born here or not, his primary influences were anti-American. Both his father and step-father were Muslims. Neither were from America.

Frank Marshall Davis, a communist leader, mentored him for ten years in Hawaii. He was also mentored for 20 years by a racist, Reverend Jeremiah Wright who preached Anti-American sermons. He was also influenced by anti-white America Harvard professor Derrick Bell.

With all this and if you watch 2016, you will clearly understand what his real agenda is. He is about anti-colonialism and anti-capitalism which are concepts that our country was founded on.

I have stated before that to be an effective public official, you don't have to be super intelligent or come from some great background. You just need to know and follow the Bible and the Constitution. Obama clearly knows and follows neither.

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