Friday, October 5, 2012

Church and State in America

Church and State in America is designed to take a look at how government and church were really meant to work together for what is best for the United States. The founding fathers wrote the constitution with biblical principles in mind. In fact, the first thing George Washington did as president was order the printing of hundreds of bibles that were to be used in schools.

The founding fathers actually predicted that if the bible was ever taken out of schools that teenage pregnancy, drug use, crime, sexual immorality, divorce, among other things would all increase. WOW! Were they ever right on that one?

Most Americans believe that America was founded on the idea of separation of church and state. What that was supposed to mean has totally became opposite. It was supposed to mean that one could not be persecuted for their religious beliefs or for sharing them. Has that ever gone the wrong way?

Now we have pastors being arrested for holding bible study's at their home and the Ten Commandments as well as pictures of Jesus being removed everywhere. Are the words "thou shall not kill" really offensive to non-christians? I would think that any religion would follow that principle.

When the country was first founded, candidates would go before pastors who would instruct the congregation who to vote for based on whose values most matched their churches. Can you imagine if that would happen today?

Church and State in America will explore these issues and discuss how to ever return there.

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