Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christians Must Unite Against Democrats

I really don't like the direction this country is going. It seems that liberal ideology is just taking everything over. We have reached a point in our society where the Ten Commandments and the Bible get removed from everything because they could offend those who do not believe. Yet atheists are allowed to post signs such as this.

How is that fair? That is the most blatantly offensive sign I have ever seen. Yet Christians can't post signs that  offend people but atheists can.

Atheists are not alone though. Why is it okay to post this billboard?

That is just nonsense. So it is not about offending people, it is about who is being offended. So what that means is that we can offend Christians but nobody else.

How did our society get to this point?

It is real simple. We started electing Democrats. It is time to call a spade a spade. The Democrats are the party of the devil. In fact the letters actually stand for Devil enjoys making own crazy rules all the time (DEMOCRAT). I am in no way saying that I agree with everything the Republicans do, but at least they don't blatantly disrespect God.

The Democrats are exactly what the devil is. They give you a message that seems so appealing. If you make a mistake and get pregnant, that mistake should not hurt you so go ahead and kill that baby. It is okay to love who you want and marry who you want. They give all these government assistance programs like welfare, food stamps, child support, etc. Now the latest is this Obamacare crap. Contrary to what they say, it is not about helping the poor. It is about controlling the people. That is why they demonize the wealthy and successful. They can't control them.

They sell their message in a way that makes it seem like the people are gaining freedom when in fact they are losing it. The harsh reality and this will be an inconvenient truth for many is that every time we elect a democrat, we fall further from God.

I know that so many people don't want to go against their unions, but at some point they need to realize that God can do more for them than their union can. But somehow liberals have convinced people not to use Christian values as a basis for voting. And people seem to think that faith and politics should be separate. Did we ask Jesus for his opinion on that?

The only way to get this country going again is to stop electing Democrats. That is the cold hard truth.

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