Friday, October 11, 2013

Calling The Tea Party Extremists Is Just Ignorant

Since the government has been shut down, Mr. Obama, I still refuse to call him President, has repeatedly blamed one small faction of the Republican party. He has also repeatedly referred to them as extremists. He is talking about the Tea Party. Let me start with his first inaccuracy. The Tea Party is not a branch of the Republican party. They hold both parties accountable for following the Constitution and being fiscally responsible. Nobody should be against that.

Now, for the extremist part. Compare the picture above with the one below.

Can you really compare the Tea Party with this? Give me a break!

When is the last time you heard of the Tea Party doing this?
I think Mr. Obama really needs to think about what an extremist actually is.

One last thought, if Mr. Obama is so against the people at the top, why is he not against any of these people below.
What's the difference? You tell me. Are the people in the last three photos also extremists?

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