Friday, February 28, 2014

Ted Nugent Interview Exposes What the Real Problem With Our Country Is

Recently, Ted Nugent was interviewed on CNN by Erin Burnett. Nugent had Some valid points in this interview. He was upset that Hillary Clinton could go on TV and face a camera and say "What difference does it make?" regarding four dead Americans.  He was also upset that Mr. Obama has lied about such things as being able to keep your plan under Obamacare, IRS, etc.

Since he had these valid points, you would think that Burnett would want to address his points. Instead, she was insisting that Nugent was making racist comments in addressing Obama. The first was the word mongrel which she tried to make a racial slur but he simply was saying that Obama was a bad man. There was no racial tone about it. The second was the word chimpanzee in which Burnett tried to make it like Nugent called Obama that which if you watch the footage it is clear he did not.

To make it short, that is the problem. She completely ignored his points and kept diverting attention to this phony racism. He like many others who have been falsely accused is not racist. He has promoted black musicians for years and has a black guitar player. By playing this bogus race card, Burnett and the rest of CNN has consistently ignored the real problem.

In closing, I just want to say that Ted Nugent is a great American and God bless him for speaking up.

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