Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12 Years Later, Can We Stay Out of Syria?

We all remember where we were 12 years ago today. That was the day that America got a new enemy. This was one unlike any other. It was not a war against one country but against one ideology. That is terrorism. Since that time, the United States has removed two dictators in Saddam Husssein and Osama Bin Laden. Supposedly, the troops will be out of both Iraq and Afghanistan soon.

But now another threat has emerged as there is a new threat as there is evidence that Syrian President Basar al Assad used chemical weapons against Syrian rebels. Those rebels might actually have links to al Quaida. That would lead you to the question why would we get involved a help the same people who attacked us?

The only explanation I can think of is if somehow Syria is also a threat to the United States or one of it's allies like Israel. It does say it the books of Isiah and Jeremiah that there will be a war with Syria and they will be wiped out. That prophecy has not been fulfilled as of yet.

One thing we have to understand as citizens is that our government does have access to information that the rest of us don't. When I was a screener at TSA, I knew things I ordinarily wouldn't and I was only a screener. The elected officials have a much higher clearance than that. Therefore, we have to understand that they have more information than we do.

That means they would have a better idea if Assad is a threat to the United States or allies.This decision has to be about whether or not this is a threat to us or not. It can't be about politics. Obama can't do this for political gain and House Republicans cannot oppose just because Obama wants to. The decision has to be about National Security.

From what I understand, Obama doesn't want to send in any ground troops but just wants to do air strikes to Assad's places where the chemical weapons are. That is not a good plan because one Assad already knows the plan and has probably already moved the weapons.

Two, Obama is delusional if he believes that doing such a thing won't cause a reaction from Syria. If somebody punches you in the nose, you are going react and hit him back.

So if this guy is a threat, we need to take him out altogether. Otherwise, we should stay completely out. We also have to be careful about trusting Mr. Putin from Russia. If he gets their weapons in diplomacy but sells them more, what is the point? I also would not trust Russia with weapons such as that.

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