Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Problem With Taxing The RIch

Mr. Obama was able to get himself re-elected by winning the hearts of many dedicated yet easily fooled voters. One issue he used was his ideas of taxing the rich heavily and making them pay a higher percent than the rest of the people. While that may sound good to many on the surface, if you really look at this technique you know that it just won't work.

The problem is that whether you believe it is right or wrong to do this, the problem is that the rich won't let it happen. You have to understand how a rich person thinks. While I am not rich, I know many who are and understand their mindset. They have a set amount in their mind of how much they need to survive. Is that an amount that many of us would to have half of? In many cases, the answer is yes. Nonetheless, they each have the amount they feel they need in their head and they will find a way to keep that amount whether there is a democrat or a republican in office.

Therefore if you try to tax them heavily, they will beat the system in ways that could hurt people. They may have to lay people off because they can't afford to pay them anymore. They could also hide assets somewhere else. Another technique is buying a space and doing nothing with it so they can write it off as a loss. That takes the opportunity away from a small business owner. Therefore, when Obama was boasting about how he would tax them, I guarantee most were laughing at him.

While middle class people might think that that mindset seems selfish, I ask "Is it really?"

Don't we all have a set amount we need to survive on and if we go under that amount we do what we have to to get it back? That amount we have in our heads is probably one that a homeless person would love to have half of. Does that sound familar? So is it our obligation to give to homeless and invite them into our home? I sometimes do give a homeless guy some cash to get something to eat because I know that is what God wants. Others do that too, but it is by their own free will to do so. Should the government make those middle class people who choose not to give to homeless do it? Of course not and I don't think too many middle class people would support that.

The problem is greed here and I will acknowledge that. However, the middle class is ignoring their own greed. Many of them want the rich to give to them but they won't give to homeless. Talk about hypocrisy.

Everybody thinks those who have more should give until it is your turn to give. That includes the middle class many of whom don't put a penny in the tithe and offering basket on Sunday. I have seen that.

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